This page hosts community resources, including webinars and resources for educators.


The Chameleon project is organizing a series of webinars demonstrating how to use the Chameleon testbed for your experiments. Read more and register to attend!

Training Materials

We have created the following videos that you can integrate into your training and educational activities.

Chameleon Training

These tutorials will teach you the basics of deploying a simple experiment on Chameleon. We will follow the workflow of an experiment measuring the performance of Spark. You will learn about how to discover Chameleon resources, how to reserve potentially hundreds of nodes for your experiment, how to configure those nodes, and finally how to monitor your experiment and display the data it generates. These training videos are suitable for beginner users.

Using MPI with Infiniband on Chameleon

These tutorials will teach you how to deploy the MVAPICH appliance, configured with MPI optimized for Infiniband deployment on Chameleon, and how to use it to understand the MPI performance.

Watch more at our YouTube Channel!

Mailing lists

You can communicate with other Chameleon users by sending email to We also use this mailing list to communicate minor announcements or provide early access to some new hardware or features. All Chameleon users are registered by default: we recommend that you stay registered. However, if you really want to opt-out, you can do so via your user profile.