Project management

Project management tasks, such as adding users to your project or requesting a renewal, is performed through the portal at After you have registered and verified your email address, you may login to the portal. Once logged in, you should be at Dashboard page automatically. If not, you can access your Dashboard via the dropdown list on top right of the screen.


The Dashboard’s main page consists of two control panels - the Active Projects control panel and the Open Tickets panel.

The project dashboard

The project dashboard

The Active Projects control panel allows you to view all your active projects and their current usage. You may click on a project to view details.

The Open Tickets panel lists all your active help desk tickets. In addition, you can Open a Ticket via the Open Tickets panel.


The Dashboard’s Projects Page allows you to manage your current projects.

Project list

Project list

Each individual Project has its own:

  • Service Unit allocations
  • Users that have access to the project
  • System resources such as Security Groups, Floating IP Addresses and Instances
  • Assets such as snapshots, object containers, metrics and network configuration

Creating a Project

To create a project, click the +Create a Project button. After filling out and submit the request form, a system administrator will review your request and notify you once your project get approved. Project durations are six months with a default allocation of 20,000 Service Units.

The Create a New Project form

The Create a New Project form

Service Units

One Service Unit (SU) is equivalent to one hour of usage of one allocatable resource (physical hosts, network segments, or floating IPs). For example, a reservation for 5 Haswell compute nodes for 8 hours would use 40 SUs. However, for certain types of resources, more SUs will be charged. For more details about allocation charges, please see here.

Project Details

Clicking on a project from either the Dashboard main page or the Projects page will allow you to manage one of your approved Projects.

Project details

Project details

In the details page of your project, you may recharge or extend your allocation and manage users of your project.

Recharge or Extend Your Allocation

In the Allocations section of your Project Details, you may view your project start and end dates, current Service Unit usage and request a Service Unit recharge or project extension. To request a Service Unit recharge or Project extension, click the link next to your project in the Actions column of this section.

Manage Users

To manage users of a Project, use the Project Users section in the Project Details. While each user has their own Chameleon User account independent of your project, they may be added to one or more projects. Being a user of a Project does not require a PI eligibility.


For Project PIs, it is highly recommended that your Project users should have their own non-PI Chameleon accounts and should be added to your project.

You may add a user to your account by filling out their user name and clicking the Add user button. You may remove a user from your project by locating their user name in the user list and clicking the - button next to their user name.