Welcome to Chameleon

What is Chameleon?

Chameleon is an NSF-funded testbed system for Computer Science experimentation. It is designed to be deeply reconfigurable, with a wide variety of capabilities for researching systems, networking, distributed and cluster computing and security. Chameleon’s features include:

  • Bare metal access to hardware, via the cloud

  • A wide variety of hardware types, including:

    • Infiniband

    • NVMe

    • GPUs/FPGAs

    • Low-power Xeon and ARM processors

  • A powerful set of networking capabilities, including:

    • Isolated layer-2 networks

    • SDN/OpenFlow

    • Dedicated WAN layer-2 links

Using Chameleon

Chameleon is available to Computer Science researchers and students. To access the system, follow the instructions in Getting started. Find out more at https://www.chameleoncloud.org.